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Guess, Juicy, Iron Fist shoes, Lip Service.

I have a few things I want to get rid of since I'm no longer interested in them anymore/not my style any longer. Everything is in good condition, I can do meetups via subway line, Scarborough Town Centre, Eaton Centre, pretty much anywhere.

Guess mini bag.

It's a smaller bag with an inside zip up pouch and a large pocket on the front with the big G jeweled with little crystals. I paid around $100 for it, selling it for $50.

Juicy Couture denim bag.

Dark blue denim with a zip up pocket on the inside and a pouch for your phone or whatever. There's also a pouch on the back with G&P on it. I paid around $100-$110 for it, selling it for $50.

Iron Fist Girl flats.

"Digiskull flat" in black/pink sequins combo. They're a size 5 and were only worn once then put back into the box and never used again. I paid $50 for these, selling them for $25.

Lip Service black buckle dress.

This fits XS-S and has only been worn a grand total of 4 times. There's two zippers at the bottom and a zipper on the chest. It was around $90-$100, selling it for $40.

Lip Service button zipper tank top.

This fits XS and was only worn once. You can zip and unzip it from the front and adjust the zipper in the back for how tight or loose you want the straps to be. I paid $90 or so for this, selling it for $40.

Thanks for looking, any questions, leave a comment here or shoot me a PM.
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